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Auguste Francotte & Cie - Introduction

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Auguste Francotte & Cie. is one of the oldest (Maison Fondee 1805), of the world's few fine Gunmakers. Its founding pre-dates that of both James Purdey and Holland & Holland of London.

Francotte guns are owned by most of the world's industrial leaders, chiefs of state, and the crowned heads of Europe and Asia.

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There are no Francotte models as such. Each gun is a special creation designed and executed with precision and artistry to please a specific customer. Hence, we do not have a model by model price list. However, it is safe to say that the most basic Francotte shotgun will cost about $18,000. Francotte has delivered shotguns and rifles costing upwards of $80,000. Options and embellishment are limited only by the imagination and desires of the customer.

The following illustrative material is provided to give you the flavor of these, one of the most prestigious gun brands in the world. The purchase of an Auguste Francotte firearm is an investment that will reward you and your descendants for many years to come.

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Auguste Francotte & Cie - Introduction

Francotte - The Tradition of Quality

Francotte - General Specifications

Francotte - The Guns Pictorial I

Francotte - The Guns Pictorial II

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