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Alex Henry Express Rifle .500 x 3 

White Smoke Double Rifle by Sherman Bell Page 80

     The effect of black powder fouling on accuracy, that I dreaded turned out to be a nonexistent problem. A priming charge of SR 4759 smokeless powder has kept bore fouling to a minimum. I routinely fire a box of 20 shells through the rifle before stopping to clean the barrels. I have not experienced a reduction in accuracy from bore fouling. Twenty shots before cleaning is a practical maximum, for my hunting rifle. If I haven't bagged game after a full box of these boomers, I will retire for the day, clean the rifle, and set out fresh in the morning!
     Reloading procedure for this straight-walled case using an RCBS three-die set is - well, straightforward. The expander stem, used for the .510 inch diameter jacketed bullets, measures .509 inch. I used a .514-inch expander stem for loading larger diameter cast bullets. When the powder charge needs to be compressed a very small amount, as when using the very short 350-grain jacketed bullets, the bullet does the compression when seated in the normal manner. Longer, heavier bullets require more powder compression. The number two die of my three-die set then does double duty. The expander stem compresses the powder to the proper depth, in this extra step, before normal seating of the bullet ............

The Finest Gift in the World Written and Photographed by William Headrick Page 119 A Grade 12 Gauge Courtesy of William H. Headrick

     1908 is the year this six pound and fourteen ounce gun was assembled in Philadelphia with twenty-six inch tubes choked cylinder "choke" and modified.
     When Mr. Roe S. Clark researched this one years ago through the Fox archives at the Savage plan, he commented it was the earliest "real" or "genuine" twenty-six inch barreled gun that he could at the time recall encountering in the records. There are, of course goodly numbers of such short tubed pieces floating around these days that didn't actually start out that way. 
     Though neither feature is mentioned on the work-order card, both size and wood quality of this gun's buttstock gain immediate attention from those who have seen it. Gunning partners and Fox chummies refer to it as "Pop's Big Stock A Grade"............

Fox A Grade 12 gauge 
E. Remington & Sons, Model 1883 Grade 5 

My Remingtons Written and Photographed by Charles Semmer  Page 176

     Yes I am biased, but until a person looks very carefully at the fine quality of these Remington doubles, hammer, or hammerless, you might pass them up. I have had collectors of fine English shotguns call me and ask the question, "Am I sure this Model 1894 Remington action was not a design copy from Westley Richards?" That can only be answered by Messrs. R.C. Fay and G.E. Humphreys who patented this action on October 30, 1894. There is somewhat of a remarkable similarity to Westley Richards. If you have my book Remington Double Shotguns, you will see an 1894, Grade C, that for whatever reason, was converted by Westely Richards and Company to accept their forend. Changes had to be made within the action to accept their cocking levers and auto safety. Everything else is Remington, and Westely Richards kept the "ordnance" steel barrels on the gun, opening the chambers to three inches; barrels and frame were proved in England............

A Kaleidoscope For the Ithaca Collector  by Walter C. Snyder  Page 196 

     Collecting Ithaca Gun Company "things" is somewhat like peering into a kaleidoscope; each turn presents a new and exciting scene. There is a scene of varied engraving patterns; the scene of beautiful colors from the Case-hardening process; the scene of delicate checkering panels; the scene of Damascus barrels; the scene of finely illustrated catalogues. each turn delights the senses. 
     Come look with me, as we turn the Ithaca Kaleidoscope and view a few of my favorite Ithaca things collected from those "treasured years."............

Ithaca Grade 2 Flues Model 

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