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A Limited number of back issues are still available for purchase

Back issue Listing


Older Double Gun Journal issues
 - 1989 through 2018 -

Most recent price and availability is contained in the PDF files below.

Note: Index of articles are listed for each too! These files are all fairly large.

Years 1989-1992 (Volume 1 through 3)

Years 1993-1995 (Volume 4 through 6)

Years 1996-1998 (Volume 7 through 9)

Years 1999-2001 (Volume 10 through 12)

Years 2002-2004 (Volume 13 through 15)

Years 2005-2007 (Volume 16 through 18)

Years 2008-2010 (Volume 19 through 21)

Years 2011-2013 (Volume 22 through 24)

Years 2014-2016 (Volume 25, 26 & 27)

Years 2017-2018 (Volume 28 through 29)

NOTE: Price & availability

Always subject to change.

Both 1st quality & Blems may be available.

Drop us a note for a firm quote.)

Back issue shipping to CON-US addresses: $5.00 per issue for the 1st 4 and then $2.00 per issue after that
Happy to quote, AK, HI and  international orders.


Availability & pricing are subject to change.
Please email for firm price & delivery information.

Leather Slipcases available for all volumes (1 - 31) @ $16.75 (each)
Shipping slip cases to CON-US addresses:
$10.00 for 1, $15.00 for 2-3, & $2.00 per additional Happy to quote, AK, HI and  international orders.

Please email us directly to confirm
price & availability of Double Gun Journal back issues.

The Publisher of The Double Gun Journal, Daniel Philip Côté is proud to offer you the opportunity to view a selection of articles and graphics from previous issues of The Double Gun Journal.

The pictures are outstanding, the articles written by experts in the field, are packed with information about fine firearms. The publication is trimmed in gold leaf and printed on the best quality stock. It is published four times annually.

I can't say enough good things about the is truly a labor of love and each issue becomes an instant collectible full of wonderful stories and reference for you to read and enjoy over and over...

I urge you subscribe to examine this fine publication yourself! Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Subscriptions are $45.95 per year (USA - 4 issues) protective shipping cover standard. Also, we will extend your subscription for one year for every three gift subscriptions!
Allow 3-4 weeks postpaid to the USA - Canada: $77.95 annual - Others: $93.95 annual (Allow 8-12 weeks). All funds are in US $. Priority/Airmail available on request - extra charges apply.

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The Double Gun Journal
P.O. Box 550 - East Jordan, MI 49727

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