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Pictures from the 2011 Vintage cup!
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Pintail Point
Queenstown, MD

Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday September 22nd, 23rd, 24th & 25th -

Me (Dave Weber) with chopped Ithaca NID...why?
Yes, that's an Ithaca 12 bore NID....that has been professionally modified for up close an personal bunny blasting and a woodcock hunting in thick cover (no kidding the stubby barrels were finished off quite nicely and it even has dual bead sights). The owner saw I was fascinated by it and keep bringing it by our booth. Needless to say he still owns it as I like a bit more barrel length on my doubles but it did take a nice picture.

For those of you who could not make the show...Here are some pictures to show what you missed. (Try to ignore the bad flash was less then ideal and my lens was constantly wet or fogged. Also, I did not venture to bring the camera to the shooting areas which were soaked and deep with mud)

Pintail Point Venue was largely under water this year and most shooters could have used at minimum hip waders and at certain times full scuba gear! I did snap a few caps on the stalking rifle course once again. Honestly, if it were not for shooters like me the other shooters would not realize how good they really are. I took the 28 bore Darne out on the clays course least there weren't many people watching me miss targets...;-) It was challenging to shoot between the monsoon like rains which came and went all weekend.

All pictures shown here are available upon request in full resolution. I welcome requests from individuals for copies of pictures and will gladly send reasonable numbers of high resolution versions via email (they are big around 3 to 5M). Print publications are also welcome to request high resolution versions for publication so long as appropriate credits to "" are included upon publication.

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As usual...the show was way fun...Lots of nice people and guns too!

Next year 2012! Back to our roots...The Vintage Cup heads back to Addieville,  Rhode Island! should all attend!
Make your reservations early!

HELP...I am looking for titles to finish the page...I will add them as time permits...Lots of pix and so little I am having even more trouble with remembering names...
I keep meeting more and more interesting people at this show.
If I mess up any names, spellings or titles drop me a note at:

The pictures below were generously donated for use at "" by
Captain Jent P Mitchell III of the Vintagers (Virginia Chapter)...Thank you!

*I could use some help on titles....Any corrections or missing names let me know.

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