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Merkel Double Rifle and New Merkel Safari Series Double Barreled Rifle
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Merkel - Double Rifles (SxS) 

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Merkel Double Rifles Merkel craftsmen are renowned for producing the finest line of side-by-side and over under rifles. These elegant hunting guns offer exceptional accuracy and reliable shooting performance in addition to ornate handcrafted engraving and hand carved checkering. 

The new Side By Side Safari Double Rifles are available now in .470 Nitro Express, .416 Rigby, and .375 H & H calibers.. 

All models are hand engraved, hand checkered and come with traditional features such as Greener cross-bolt locks, receiver ledges and sideclips. 

Cold hammer forged barrels are standard on all Merkel Double Rifles and offer higher surface hardness that extend the life of the bores and rifling

. Merkel's objective is to offer a combination of technical perfection, advanced design and aesthetic elegance by producing Double Rifles that are handsome works of art that meet the most demanding requirements encountered in the field.


Merkel... Legendary Quality... Legendary Value... Legendary Shotguns, Double Rifles, Drillings, Combination Guns and
Lightweight Stalking Rifles.

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