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SxS Double Rifle 8x57JRS - Collector Gun Series by Merkel Suhl Germany
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Since the 14th century, craftsmen in the town of Suhl, Germany, deep in the Thuringen Forest, have been known as the world’s finest weapons makers. Those who acquired hunting guns made by Suhl gunsmiths could be sure of their quality, dependability, accuracy and exceptional beauty. Royal hunting parties made the richly ornamented Suhl guns the talk of the continent, while American settlers carried their trusty Suhl-made shotguns across the ocean into the new world.

In 1898, the Merkel brothers founded a factory in Suhl that was the first to industrially manufacture over-and-under guns. The Merkel factory grew rapidly, and in 1914 the production line introduced side-by-side (SxS) shotguns. The reputation of Merkel guns circulated quickly throughout Germany, and then throughout the world. Today, these classic side-by-sides and over-and-unders (O&U) rank among the most desired firearms in the western world. Many Merkel owners still use guns made in the 1920s and '30s and treasure them as highly valued collectables. And now, after the political events of 1989, fine Merkel firearms can again be delivered to the U.S. market.

Available in over-and-under, traditional side-by-side and combination designs, Merkel shotguns, drillings (three barreled guns), and combination guns represent an unparalleled investment in quality and value. 

Merkel engraving and hand-carving is second to none in the world. The master craftsmen who create the exquisite engraving and hand-checkering on your Merkel shotgun rank as the most accomplished artisans of their kind. Many are descended from generations of engravers and carvers who have, over the centuries, produced the richly ornate Merkel guns cherished by European royalty and knowledgeable firearms enthusiasts.

But the beauty of a Merkel is more than skin deep. Qualities like cold hammer-forged steel barrels, actions built to perfection and high strength locking systems make your Merkel shotgun an heirloom to be passed down from generation to generation. Both side-by-sides (SxS) and over-and-unders (O&U) incorporate such features as Greener cross-bolts, or Kersten locks and double-barrel locking lugs.

All Merkel guns and rifles are fitted entirely by hand under the most stringent quality control procedures. Merkel shotguns are designed to meet the most demanding requirements not only for the field, but for competition as well. A long list of international and Olympic competition medals have accompanied the Merkel name throughout the twentieth century.

Your shotgun is a reflection not only of superb quality and function, but of the fine art that has become synonymous with the Merkel name. Should you wish to have a gun built to your own unique specifications, Merkel's custom gun shop can produce custom specifications, wood carving, and engraving. Merkel is also one of the few manufacturers in the world still producing a traditional 16 gauge shotgun. Whichever Merkel you choose, congratulate yourself on having made an excellent choice. Few firearms today offer the pride of ownership, pure joy of use and still provide the comfort of a sound investment value. 

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