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For 70 years now, the name of Arrieta has been synonymous with quality gunmaking. At just 19 years of age, Avelino Arrieta had already earned a remarkable reputation.

The word had soon passed round that his talents were exceptional, even in the highly competitive area of Eibar in Northern Spain, where gunmaking is both a way of life and a tradition.

And so in 1916 he was in a position to embark upon what was to prove a very successful freelance career. His order book was soon overflowing. For several yeas he made guns (excellent guns only) for numerous makers and executed special orders for important clients such as King Alfonso XIII.

Being a highly talented individual he enjoyed the freelance work and its associated independence. Though there was never any doubt about its inevitability he did not consider opening his own factory until his sons, José and Victor prompted him into action.

in 1940, all three set up the factory under the name of Avelino Arrieta in the small town of Elgoibar. In 1970, the company was transformed into a "limited company" called Manufacturas Arrieta, that immediately looked to sell its guns abroad as well as in Spain.

We must be grateful that, in what are generally recognized as difficult times, the company's name and reputation always ensured an excellent demand for our guns. We believe in employing only the best and in turn the loyalty to the company of these artisan makers has ensured continued success of the Arrieta name.

While sidelock guns of all gauges are made, it is for the "best" easy opener that Arrieta is famous. This is a gun of which we are very proud. Like all of our guns, it is entirely hand made and finished, using only quality materials and enjoying exquisite engraving.

The Company now exports to all corners of the world -namely England. USA, Italy and Germany but is still very much a family concern. Juan Carlos and Asier, the respective sons of José and Víctor Arrieta, joined the Company recently. So, the Arrieta tradition is being maintained.

Manuel Santos

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