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Double Guns - or double barreled shotguns are typically acquired for hunting, sport shooting & gun collecting. These two barreled shotguns can be either Side by Side (SxS) or Over and Under (O&U). American, European & British SxS shotguns or gameguns are very popular with field hunters and gun collectors, while O&U shotguns are used mostly by target shooters.

Double Rifles- Double Rifles can be either “side by side” (SxS) or “Over and Under” (O&U). Large bore double rifles are typically used for hunting dangerous big game and for sport shooting competitions. These competitions simulate big game hunting. SxS and O&U Double Rifles are fun to shoot and are very collectable.

Drillings - The Drilling is a European hunting gun with Three barrels. Typical Drillings have 2 Shotgun Barrels over a Rifle Barrel. However, Drillings have been made in many configurations (rifle & shotgun) and caliber’s. Drilling guns are typically used for mixed bag hunting.

Combination Guns - Combination Guns feature two barrels typically in an over & Under configuration. (Side by Side Combination guns are called “Cape Guns”) The barrels are always one rifle and one shotgun. These over and under guns are very versatile and typically used for European type mixed bag hunting..

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Inverness by Connecticut Shotgun
Galazan's Canvas Case Special!
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Case-Colored Parker by Turnbull
Parker Hammer Gun Case Colored By Doug Turnbull
Specializing in the accurate
recreation of historical metal 
finishes on period firearms



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Over/Under Shotgun
This fine shotgun epitomizes the art and craftsmanship of
American gunmaking.

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