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BlueBook of Gun Values 33rd Edition
BlueBook - Typical Listing

The Blue Book of Gun Values
33rd Edition

by S.P. Fjestad

BlueBook - Firearm Abbreviations
BlueBook - Photo% Grading
BlueBook - Glossary

The new 33rd Edition Blue Book of Gun Values is here! This new edition has been expanded to almost 2500 pages, all gun values have been thoroughly updated for both modern and antique firearms, including the recent paramilitary style guns, and it also includes new domestic and imported 2011 makes and models. Other features include an exclusive interview with the NRA's Wayne LaPierre plus the 80-page color Photo Percentage Grading System to help accurately determine the condition of firearms, and serialization and proof mark sections to help in identifying firearms. The Blue Book of Gun Values is the firearm industry's most trusted reference book with over 1.4 million copies in print.

  • Contains all the new 2012 makes & models, in addition to thousands of older discontinued guns. This includes up-to-date firearms pricing information and detailed technical data on both new and discontinued domestic, foreign, and military guns, modern commemoratives, and major trademark antiques.

  • Features an 80 page color Photo Percentage Grading System™ (the industry standard), allowing the reader to accurately grade the condition of most handguns, rifles and shotguns.

  • Includes revised serialization data and expanded manufacturer's Trademark Index, (including phone/fax, email and web site information) linking up most of the currently manufactured trademarks with their respective importer and/or manufacturer.

  • Enables the owner to convert a model from a private label to the manufacturer who actually produced the gun - this is extremely helpful when repair is a consideration.

Here's what the experts are saying:

"A monumental achievement in the world of firearms. I enthusiastically recommend the Blue Book of Gun Values as an up-to-date, exhaustive and reliable work. This is a 'must book', and it belongs in every collector's gun room along with his guns."
R.L. Wilson - noted author and firearms authority

"The Blue Book of Gun Values has become the bible for the firearms collector. I recommend it to everybody, because of the vast information available and its up-to-date pricing."
J.D. "Jack" Heath
- Remington Historian

"With nearly 4.5 million members, my phone rings constantly with inquiries for information on all manner of firearms. The Blue Book of Gun Values is always within arms reach, providing me with the most up-to-date and accurate information in an easy to use format. I couldn't do my job without it."
Phillip Schreier - Curator of Programs, NRA National Firearms Museum

"As historian for Smith & Wesson, I talk with many dealers and individuals who have questions on the value of their firearms. The best reference book that enables me to provide accurate values and information is the Blue Book of Gun Values."
Roy Jinks - Smith & Wesson Historian


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BlueBook of Gun Values 33rd Edition


Blue Book - Typical Listing

Blue Book - Firearm Abbreviations

Blue Book - Photo Percentage Grading

Blue Book - Glossary

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