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The Ithaca Gun Company
from the Beginning
(2nd Edition)
by Walter Snyder

One of life's greatest pleasures is the continuous learning opportunities available to us each and every day. It has never been truer for me as a student of the Ithaca Gun Company. Many knowledgeable collectors have opened their collections to study. So much new information is now available that a second edition of The Ithaca Gun Company, from the Beginning is the best method to present it to you.

Many of the old production journals that were not previously available now are. A study of that material resulted in a new list of serial numbers and manufacturing dates, correcting the errors found in the previous serial number list for the Baker, the Crass, and the Lewis models.

The post-Ithaca Baker model hammer guns are now understood to be a model of their own.

Several Ithaca collectors have allowed some of their most treasured pieces to be photographed and reproduced for our enjoyment. These photographs along with the new information about each model, is contained in the Addendum. A new chapter has been added documenting the introduction of the Ithaca Classic Doubles.

Potpourri II provides an assortment of new historical information, including an improved listing of serial numbers by date of manufacture for the Flues and Knick models of single barrel trap guns.

Lastly, an index has been added to facilitate your use of this volume.

The Ithaca Gun Company's story enriches, as new revelations unfold almost daily. Each bit of knowledge is a step up the ladder of wisdom. As all wise historians know, each new step allows us a glimpse of things yet to come. I hope the new steps provided in this edition help you see beyond the seen...

Walter Snyder
Historian Ithaca Gun Company

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"The Ithaca Gun Company - From the Beginning"  by Walter Snyder
Hardcover, 374 pp. Color & B&W Illus.

$90.00 plus $6 S&H (Continental USA)
*As of 12/27/11 sold out with no plans to reprint

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