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Merkel Model 147E - Side by Side (SxS) Shotgun

Merkel side-by-side shotguns have an outstanding reputation for quality workmanship and have achieved a long historical tradition as elegant game guns. Merkel offers the most extensive variety of boxlock and sidelock models, and is one of the few manufacturers that continue to offer each side-by-side model in 16 gauge. All models are hand engraved, hand checkered and come with traditional features such as Greener cross-bolt locks, receiver ledges and sideclips. Cold hammer forged barrels are standard on all Merkel side-by-side shotguns and offer higher surface hardness that extend the life of the bores and chokes. Merkel's objective is to offer a combination of technical perfection, advanced design and aesthetic elegance by producing side-by-side shotguns that are handsome works of art that meet the most demanding requirements encountered in the field.

Self-cocking, Anson and Deely boxlock action with *cocking indicators, side clips and receiver ledge.

Locking Mechanism:
Greener cross-bolt with double under barrel locking lugs.

Single selective or double triggers.

Automatic, tang-mounted sliding safety.

Case Ejection:
Holland and Holland ejectors.

Special cold hammer-forged steel, demibloc construction, solid sighting rib.

12 and 16 gauge-28 inch/710mm
20 and 28 gauge-26 3/4 inch/680mm or 28 inch/710mm

12 gauge-3 inch chambers
16 gauge-2 3/4 inch chambers
20 gauge-3 inch chambers
28 gauge-2 3/4 inch chambers

English or pistol grip, oil-finished walnut.

Silver-grayed receiver with fine engraved hunting scenes, engraved border and screws.

12 and 16 gauge approximately 6.8 lb./3.1 kg
20 gauge approximately 5.9 lb./2.7 kg
28 gauge approximately 5.8 lb./2.6kg

*Note: No cocking indicators on 28 gauge.

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