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Firearms Engravers Guild of America
Artistry in Metal

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FEGA is the organization for firearm engravers and enthusiasts. FEGA was founded in 1981 to serve many purposes. The established objectives are to provide opportunities for engravers to exchange ideas and knowledge, to assist in improving individual skills, to promote firearm engraving as an art form, and to raise public interest and appreciation in quality firearms engraving.

Today, FEGA has a varied following, but our members have a great deal in common they appreciate the skill involved in engraving guns, or any metal. Whether a firearm engraver or collector, an engraver of one genre or a variety, a teacher or a student first discovering this amazing art, there is a place for you in FEGA.

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FEGA provides services to its members, the engraving community, and the public. FEGA publishes the "Engraver" magazine, a resource for and about firearm engravers, maintains an historical database including hundreds of engravers, past and present, and this web site providing access to a wealth of information about firearm engraving.

For students, FEGA awards scholarships. For engravers and collectors, FEGA provides seminars and an assortment of educational material, including castings, books, and videos. For schools, FEGA sustains a pool of instructors. For leading artists of the field, FEGA administers awards. For everyone, FEGA co-sponsors an annual exhibition featuring some of the finest in contemporary gun engraving.

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Excitement is in the air as we take this energetic organization into the next century. We plan to make FEGA even more pertinent to the continuing education of our members. We also plan to guide the rest of the world in recognizing the fine art of firearm engraving. We welcome your help in shaping the future.


Firearm Engravers Guild of America (FEGA)
Administration Assistant: Betty Strosin
6120 David Drive
Wisconsin Rapids, WI 54494
Phone 616-929-6146

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