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American Custom Gunmakers Guild

More than a decade has passed since a group of independent gunmakers formed the American Custom Gunmakers Guild, an incorporated non-profit association. The Guild's purpose is to be a viable association of craftsmen who are actively engaged in the art of custom gunmaking, stockmaking, metalsmithing and related areas for the exchange of ideas, views, techniques, etc., the promotion of public interest and awareness, and generally advancing the cause and betterment of custom gunmaking as an accepted art form.

Associate affiliation is open to any person or firm interested in supporting the efforts of ACGG. Regular Membership is granted only after submitting work for inspection and acceptance by Regular Members present at the annual meeting.

In addition to videotape projects, the Directory of Custom Gunmaking Services, - and the bi-monthly publication of the Gunmaker, progress is being made in project areas of education, ethics, and hallmarking. Guild members would be pleased to answer any questions regarding the exhibition, membership, or Guild projects.

For more information contact: 
Jan Billeb
Executive Director American Custom Gunmakers Guild
22 Vista View Ln
Cody, WY 82414-9606 USA
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