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Jump to new posts Re: Once again, condolences to our British friends. by huntingsgr8 @ 3 minutes 54 seconds ago

On the contrary, it is exactly religion that motivates these people. While certainly not all Moslems believe in this extremist view, the number who do is significant. What is even more important is to understand that even more not only tolerate it
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Jump to new posts Re: FS Carnarvon Leather Shotgun Slips by Den52 @ 15 minutes 44 seconds ago

PM sent
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Jump to new posts Re: Good Guy Report-Restorative Welding by Run With The Fox @ 32 minutes 35 seconds ago

Brazed repair- best technique for wrought and cast iron "welding" Braised- a manner of cooking meat, I believe. I have a Miller 250 TIG in our shop, with Linde water cooled torch-- great for mild steels and with the proper settings and tun
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Jump to new posts Re: making heavy barrels lighter by 2-piper @ Today at 07:18 PM

I double checked my math. What I said was "Close" was to take Pi x D using the mid point diameter as D. For my double check I figured the area of a .740" diameter minus the area of a .730" bore. An old Machinery's Handbook gives
DoubleGun BBS @
Jump to new posts Re: Shell Box Initial - EMH by keith @ Today at 05:24 PM

Just go ahead and buy it before someone else jumps on it Tom. You obviously saw the great value in this item since you got excited enough to post about it here. I mean, just how many EMH's could there be in this world? And your forged authentication
DIY Gunsmithing @
Jump to new posts Re: Fixing over-timed screws? by Bartlett @ Today at 03:39 PM

Perhaps it's overkill but it seems to me that another solution is the same one as for damaged screw heads. One could weld up the top, tighten to current conditions then shape and slot the head as appropriate. Jeremy
DoubleGun BBS @
Jump to new posts Re: classifieds? by keith @ Today at 03:06 PM

We could give Mexico to Putin. Then he'll build the wall to keep them from escaping.
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Jump to new posts Re: first ah fox a grade by keith @ Today at 03:04 PM

Number 2 was probably burned up in an electric furnace as a result of a gun buy-back scheme by the sort of politicians that you support Ed: Originally Posted By: ed goodas for the gun control issue...we are the only country in the world that seems t
DoubleGun BBS @
Jump to new posts Re: Another remarkable Perazzi by John Roberts @ Today at 01:23 PM

Originally Posted By: Wonko the SaneOriginally Posted By: John RobertsOriginally Posted By: Wonko the SaneYour jealousy so ill becomes you I was born jealous. JR No doubt With no regret I'll leave this seemingly Hogwarts derived fund of misgui
DoubleGuns For Sale @
Jump to new posts Old Style Hand Made Ammo Box by pheasantfisher @ Today at 12:24 PM

Traditional Oak and Leather Ammunition Box. (Previously offered on this site). I built this box about in 2005 using as a guide one by Reilly. Frame is of 1/2” plywood sides and bottom and top of 1/4” plywood.The frame is completely covered with be
Classic & Custom Single Barreled Sporting Rifles @
Jump to new posts Re: Sedgley Mannlicher in 22 Hornet by Herschel @ Today at 11:39 AM

Mike, Thanks for the info. Herschel
DoubleGun BBS @
Jump to new posts Re: Reloading the 410 gauge - Alliant Powder by Shotgunjones @ Today at 10:05 AM

AA HS Win 209 CB 5050 1/2 oz of STS or Lawrence #9 'Unpublished' charge of 2400 My shot bar is reamed to drop an actual half ounce of 6% Sb shot. Before the comments start, I shoot these in a well known brand of German manufacture that has barrels
DIY Gunsmithing @
Jump to new posts Re: LC hammer spring clamp by Rockdoc @ Today at 08:21 AM

I always use a pair of long-nose vice grips with the jaws wrapped with black electrical tape to prevent scratching and gouging of the spring. Steve
DoubleGuns For Sale @
Jump to new posts Re: Emile Warnant 16ga by bsteele @ Today at 07:51 AM

I'd like to see pictures also.
DoubleGuns For Sale @
I had questions from restoration gents who are considering putting the original stock back together; here's the tech info before the stock was broken: drops were 1-3/4 by 2-3/4 by 14" LOP. Both stock pieces seemed to fit together OK but some
DoubleGun BBS @
Last call for pre-Reg to be eligible for the flat of 20 ga RST shells raffles. See y'all this Saturday!
DoubleGun BBS @
Jump to new posts Re: Emil F Flues Maker Shotgun by treblig1958 @ Yesterday at 11:21 PM

Do a search for Robert Chambers and his old posts. You'll learn more about Emil Flues then you ever thought possible.
DoubleGuns For Sale @
Jump to new posts Fox Sterlingworth 20 Gauge 30" Barrels & Forend by Jason Peck @ Yesterday at 11:10 PM

A.H. Fox Sterlingworth 20 Gauge Barrel & Forend Barrels: Rare 30" Sterlingworth Fluid Compressed Steel w/extractors. Original blue turned grey. 3 weight barrels. Chokes: Full/Full. Chambers: Original 2 1/2". Bores: Average, some pi
DoubleGun BBS @
Jump to new posts Re: Unexpected consequences after shotgun save! by Stan @ Yesterday at 09:18 PM

Originally Posted By: 2-piper The Union arrested two of his young sons, who were out on their property squirrell hunting, for "Gorilla" activity. They were subsequently shot, beheaded & their heads placed on My Hinson's gate posts.
DoubleGun BBS @
Jump to new posts Re: French gun terminology - translations by Argo44 @ Yesterday at 05:30 PM

Super copied WC's corrected copy to the first page - Added the suggestions also. I disagreed a bit with SGDG and have added clarifications. I've been reading texts on barrel maker's techniques and other gun manufacturing processes...there are tons
DoubleGuns For Sale @
Jump to new posts Barrel sets for sale. Lefever and Ithaca by Marks_21 @ Yesterday at 02:57 PM

I have these sitting around and they don't fit anything I have and I really hope I don't buy something that needs them. 12 ga 30 in ejector set 22,xxx serial two hook. Damascus. Silver. Clean bores. Dings and dents. $175 12 ga High grade Sid
DoubleGun BBS @
Jump to new posts Re: St Etienne 12 ga SxS - What's with the barrels? by Argo44 @ Yesterday at 12:04 PM

There was Wonder bread...but it can't compete with a baguette. And woof woof = ouaf ouaf in French. Anyway, Wonder can't have sold a lot of them....the SN on mine is 732...on the engraved model above 570. So the output appears to have been in the h
DoubleGuns For Sale @
Jump to new posts For Sale: Samuel Allport 500/450 DR by rocky mtn bill @ Yesterday at 11:50 AM

This unique Jones underlever boxlock is Allport's 1881 design. The quality and original condition are exceptional. See the feature photo from Vintage Doubles, pg105 in May/June Shooting Sportsman. It comes with dies and brass.It shoots very well. $95
DoubleGun BBS @
Jump to new posts Re: Gun History help--Cornwall, England Officer Owner by Owenjj3 @ Yesterday at 11:01 AM

Thanks so much for the helpful information. I have continued my research and now believe that I have identified the wrong "J. H. M. Stevenson!" I pulled the "Medal Record" of this officer at the National Archives. Written in th
DoubleGun BBS @
Jump to new posts Re: Snap Caps stuck by justin @ Yesterday at 10:01 AM

Don't think a thing of it. My Scott locked up on me and I manhandled it open. When the breech separated a piece of wood fell off one of the fillets by the trigger. It drove Trevallian nuts gluing the damn piece back in and cost me me a bundle. Turns
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