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Jump to new posts Re: Tons per square inch by L. Brown @ 28 seconds ago

Our British cousins have done their best to confuse us with proofmarks. Even when they converted to metric proofmarks back in the mid to late 80's (850 bar etc), you could not convert that to American psi via a mathematical formula. They were still
DoubleGun BBS @
Jump to new posts Re: R.F.M. Armi - Anyone here know their SxSs? by L. Brown @ 7 minutes 9 seconds ago

I remember the Rotas. Not exactly Italy's finest offerings. I think they were the bottom feeders among a lot of very nice guns the late New England Arms used to import.
DoubleGun BBS @
Jump to new posts Re: donor sleeving tubes by keith @ 8 minutes 13 seconds ago

About 10-12 years ago, I bought some unfinished and unchambered 20 gauge barrels from Dixie Gun Works in Union City, Tenn. I haven't gotten a catalog from them for awhile, so don't know if they might still sell them.
DoubleGun BBS @
Jump to new posts Re: Belgian Guild 16ga SxS - looking for info by L. Brown @ 12 minutes 12 seconds ago

Originally Posted By: treblig1958I see. So we need that 'date code' stamp for a positive date? You won't get a date code stamp on that gun. With the exception of a couple years (1922-23?), Belgian guns with the gauge over C in a diamond were mad
DIY Gunsmithing @
Jump to new posts Spring latch forend by susjwp @ 27 minutes 2 seconds ago

How difficult is it to replace the springs in a spring latch fore end. I have an English 20 with the type of fore end that pushes on, but the latch does not hold as tight as it once did. thanks, John
Classic & Custom Single Barreled Sporting Rifles @
Jump to new posts Re: Gibbs Farquharson by Huvius @ 59 minutes 12 seconds ago

Wow! That is an early one! Would like to see some more pictures of it when you get the time. My bet is that it will be tight chambered and a cast will show virtually no throat in the chamber. The lands running right up to the case mouth.
DoubleGuns For Sale @
Jump to new posts Re: Remington 3200 Trap by skeettx @ Today at 01:35 PM

Have the mods been done? Is there a dot in the serial number? Thank you Mike
Classic & Custom Single Barreled Sporting Rifles @
Jump to new posts Re: Sedgeley .22 WCF at Cabella's Springfield OR by skeettx @ Today at 01:32 PM

And they have
DoubleGun BBS @
Jump to new posts Re: Couldnt let this one walk away by RichardBrewster @ Today at 11:26 AM

Congratulations. A great deal! Even compared to the already hugely undervalued Francottes out there.
DoubleGun BBS @
Jump to new posts Re: Toe Under Gun Case by Walter C. Snyder @ Today at 11:09 AM

Geo. I have a SUV and, unless I put the back seat down, I can't get a gun in a soft case in the car. We usually have 3 or sometimes 4 shooters in the car so not alway convenient to drop the rear seat. Next car I buy I will take a gun in a sleeve and
DoubleGun BBS @
Jump to new posts Re: Something never to say to a firearms dealer by gold40 @ Today at 10:45 AM

My sweet wife doesn't object to anything I buy. We do celebrate birthdays and anniversaries -- but she tells me in advance what to buy, or points me to a specific internet page. For her last birthday, I paid for her pottery class. As far as guns
DoubleGun BBS @
Jump to new posts Thanksgiving by Lloyd3 @ Today at 10:32 AM

Got my little Richards back last Friday. Between hot-welding and then cut & fill, the broken ejector is working flawlessly again. Terry Nicholson at Nicholson Restorations is still a master at such things. A quick and inexpensive fix to what woul
Double Rifles, Paradox Guns & Gauge Rifles @
Hi, I came across this discussion (and your ‘confession’) by chance, and it made me register for this forum. Congratulations on the rifle. I have about the same (as well as an almost identical by Webley & Son). Yours is however in original condit
DoubleGuns For Sale @
Jump to new posts Re: Darne R10 20 gauge. by Geo. Newbern @ Today at 08:58 AM

That happened fast...Geo
DoubleGun BBS @
Jump to new posts Re: Duxbak..... by John Roberts @ Today at 08:19 AM

I have an original child's Duxbak hunting coat in old-style camo as well as a child's Duxbak strap game bag in tan canvas that are in top shape. Plan to give them to my grand daughter when she gets big enough. JR
DoubleGuns For Sale @
Jump to new posts Re: Liogier Wood Rasps by rocky mtn bill @ Today at 07:54 AM

I just received a number 50 rasp from Steven, and I recommend them highly. I've used Nicholsons for 45 years, and this one is clearly superior. At 77 I think twice about new gear or tools, but I'm looking forward to using this one.
DoubleGun BBS @
Jump to new posts Re: Winchester “quail special” value by shinbone @ Today at 07:07 AM

I love Winchester 101s. Got a few of them in 12ga and 20ga, including a Ruffed Grouse version. JMHO, but the 28ga version is less appealing because they are unfortunately heavy-for-gauge. Again, JMHO.
DoubleGun BBS @
That is rich! It appears that King is blithely ignoring truth and reality once again in order to create a false narrative concerning one of his fellow Liberal Left anti-gunner supporters. Why attempt to make the silly and disingenuous excuse that Ja
DoubleGun BBS @
Jump to new posts Re: Serious buyers and non serious buyers by Cary @ Yesterday at 09:32 PM

I'm just not a "hagler'. I'm no good at it; get skinned every time I try. Now, I just explain I don't haggle and ask for his best price. It's either right or it's not, simple as that. Might lose a little some time but when I walk away with s
DoubleGun BBS @
Jump to new posts Re: How do you use your hammer guns? by gunsaholic @ Yesterday at 08:12 PM

Clabrough with a low serial number of 122. I took a couple of sharptail with it last summer. Little Dutch 20 gauge with 2 1/2" chambers circa 1921. Took it out this summer but the grouse were quicker!!
DoubleGun BBS @
Jump to new posts Re: Favorite Game/Gun Picture - 2017 Hunting Season by Marks_21 @ Yesterday at 07:36 PM

Hate to go this direction --- on a double gun site but it will be my favorite for a little while. I have ambushed a lot of deer from treestands, but still hunting a dense wood lot and finding myself among 4 bucks and maintaining the composure to wait
DoubleGun BBS @
Jump to new posts Re: A market for 14ga Winchester brass cases? by Gil @ Yesterday at 07:20 PM

I have no idea of the actual market value but I'd gladly give $20 for one just for the 'cool' value of it sitting on my loading bench.
DoubleGuns For Sale @
Jump to new posts Re: WTB Kimber 84M in 338 Federal by Marks_21 @ Yesterday at 07:07 PM

That would be nice. Good luck. I am a lefty and once missed a left handed Dakota 97 in 338 federal for $800. I still cry at night.
DoubleGun BBS @
Jump to new posts Re: Please repost Darne seial number table by billwolfe @ Yesterday at 06:33 PM

Hi Ted, Yes, that's the one. And yes, I ran into the exceptions on my very first foray into buying a Darne. My R15 20 is in the SPC series. Thanks for providing this. I'll save it this time! Bill
DoubleGuns For Sale @
Jump to new posts Re: Slightly used 12 to 20 g. GuageMate kit. by 12brd @ Yesterday at 06:23 PM

PM Sam Ogle and Ill bet you'll have em sold. My set is on its way to me. JW
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