Hello All,
I have been a member of this board for a couple of years, but, I have been lurking but not posting for a while now. I am really glad it is still going strong!

I have recently been considering getting a muzzloading rifle to hunt Deer and Hogs with. I am interested in the Doublebarreled "express" type front stuffer such as Pedersoli's "Kodiak Express". (Did CVA make one also??)

Does anyone here have any experience with these rifles? I think a big bore would suit me best for all around, 58cal or larger?? All of the so called "modern" muzzleloaders leave me cold. I used to shoot flint muskets in compitetion with the NMLRA, but it has been many years ago now. If there is any knowledge on these guns I would appreciate the coments and info!

Thanks much,