Oscar, Yes I know the JABC laminated was not the same as Brit laminated. I was attacking this from strictly a strength standpoint. Do you deny that simple wraping of wires like thread on a spool is stronger than braiding it? We could make a pretty strong barrel by taking a Briley tube and wrapping it with music wire and covering it with duct tape! For damascus we would substitute a small wound cable for the music wire. Tests like the 1888 Brit tests would seem to be an exercise in futility anyway. A barrel thicker of flawless would always beat out a higher order barrel that was thin or flawed and they didn't have ways to test for that in those days.

As for patterns, I find very little difference in the looks of laminated and twist patterns though I admit some laminated are quite beautiful. Some JABCs aren't that bad if redone. Isn't it true that the main difference between the two is in the quality of the material? :rolleyes: