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Interesting gun. Lighter than most Empires I’ve run across.

Yes, and the action flat does not look as long as the earlier Empires as well.

I believe it’s only a “Greener” in name only. It was more than likely built, finished or completed by Webley & Scott. It differed from the usual W&S action in use at the time, lacking the cocking limb pins on the side of the action, but it does look different from the standard Empire action too. Especially where the breech pin is bored on the top strap and length of action flats. The old rumor was any of the later Greener Empires with top safety were W&S built guns. Side safety they were built by Greeners, but could’ve been finished by W&S after the acquisition.

W&S purchased the Greener name, etc around 1965 I think. There were probably a lot of unfinished guns laying around the Greener works during that time that W&S eventually finished off. I could be wrong. It’s been a long time since I read Grahams book.