Your Greener Empire grade puts me to thinking about my friend Malcolm W. in South Africa, now a retired Copper mining engineer, who left England in the 1960's to take a job in what was then Northern Rhodesia at the copper mine there. While working there he was able to obtain a Greener Empire 12 bore that had been removed from a criminal by the police and when my friend Malcolm went down to South Africa to live later he took the Greener with him and still shoots it some today. It is loose on face but murder on the South African Rock pigeons and when I go over to South Africa to shoot them I use his Greener Empire (30 inch barrels). The side safety is a bit of a issue for me but the long barrels and heavy weight make it an excellent gun for those very very fast and big Rock pigeons. Those pigeons greatly damage the sunflower crops there and the farmers invite shooters to come shoot them--it is not unusual to shoot several hundred in a few hours.

Thanks for showing us your guns, geese and the vintage vehicle. Looks like you will be getting rain from the remains of the tropical storm as it goes through East Texas.

Kindest Regards;
Stephen Howell