I have Victorian Sykes’ Patent shot belt, the type that is variously described as a “”snake type” or “Irish style” ( although I had understood that St. Patrick had banished all snakes from Ireland).

It still has the scoop present, but sadly the external housing for the shutter slide and return spring has been knocked off and those bits are missing. The leather body is intact and replacing the shoulder sling would not be a problem.

I would like to put it back into working order, but I am puzzled as to how the lifting of the shutter was actuated.

My question is, was the shutter lifted by rotating the scoop, which has a slanted end, through 360 degrees to force the shutter upwards?

Or did the slide have external protrusions to lift it with your fingers.

Have any of you a complete one? How does it operate?

If so a photo of the shutter and spring housing would be greatly appreciated.

Keep Well,


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