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An Oval bore?
SKB you are a true renaissance man, with the knowledge to tease someone terribly in the most artful and delicate way about the obscure things that matter most to him. Unfortunately, no, not an oval bore, the machinery for which was apparently lost and which barrel makers tell me would be next to impossible to mill out today. This is a standard 1:72 turn Colerain barrel made for this one project, which is a .62-caliber rifle for me hunting your western big game. It is a pretty good copy of the Little Bat Garnier rifle by Folsom in a Nebraska museum, being made by Mark Wheland here in central PA. It is stocked in full curl sugar maple, the two first log slabs of which came off of one of our timber jobs about six years ago. I hardly see curly sugar maple any longer. It was a pretty big piece of wood, which also produced a long rifle stock for our local game warden's .54 flintlock. I gave the remaining 1/3 to Wheland, who I am sure will make a dandy flintlock from it for some very happy customer.
Better start hiding your mule deer once I get my hands on some percussion caps in three years

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