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Stan are you looking for a 12, 16 or 20 gauge version of the Browning designed pump gun to complete your set? I have my set. Looked a long time for a solid example of each, in nice condition. I like how they work but wold pick a Remington model 31 in 20 gauge or a Winchester model 12 in 20 or 28 gauge as a dove gun.

Not really looking for anything in particular, Jon. I'd love to have an Iver Johnson Skeeter .410 with long barrels, maybe a higher condition Iver Johnson Special Trap than the two I have, the right 28" barreled M42, with more than skeet choke, and long barreled. Graded Philly Foxes are always of interest. I'm mostly going to be looking for deals, as always.

A friend and I are planning to drive up to Jim Kelly's in Darlington and drop off a couple guns for him to sort out, then run on up to Wagram for a couple hours. I've never been in a gunshop that had as many vintage guns as I've heard they have. So many of what I've bought in the last 15 years have been bought sight unseen (with an inspection period, of course), that it will be nice to be able to actually look at something, in hand, to evaluate it.

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Maybe not as pristine as what I was looking at today but most were certainly serviceable.

Sounds like a good place to look for those "out of the mainstream" guns and accoutrements.

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