These missives always seem to go a bit off-track for some reason. I must confess, I have been a bit troubled by needing to relocate more to pursue my outdoors activities but I'd never expected to be called cowardly for doing it. Demography is indeed destiny, it would seem. Add a few people and "wild" places aren't so wild anymore. The other component of all this is the "California Problem". California is clearly a one party, wholly-dysfunctional monolith now (and for lots of reasons that have been described many times and places before). It is also exporting it's disease around to other the western states and causing similar problems for them, (Colorado being just one of many). If I had endless time and resources (which I clearly don't) I suppose I could stick around Colorado and spend all my time politicking and funding various efforts to beat back the Marxist plague. No thanks. Hopefully, this country will wise up and learn from the ongoing disaster along our western coast in time to save itself. No...the productive time I have left is going to be spent on more immediate needs. No tilting windmills for me at this stage of life.

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