The topic at the breakfast table this morning was "where do we go now?". When the children are raised and/or are in college, your careers are winding down, and your adoptive state is changing in ways that are not attractive to you...where do you go. If you are deeply rooted, with an unbroken line of family and property to hold you, then the answer is fairly obvious. But...if you've already made that leap once in your life as a younger person, it is much easier to do it again later. If you hunt and fish and your values are clearly traditional...where do you go, where is that "last stand" made? The middle part of America still embraces the values most comfortable to the hunter/gatherer types, with small towns and cities aplenty. The advent of the internet has also changed the equation dramatically these days, arguably diminishing or even eliminating the isolating nature of lots of the more-backwoods locations. Also, as one ages the specter of medical and other needs does tend to the proximity of civilization does still hold a beacon. Can you still be within striking distance of a sizable city and yet have a deeper connection to a form of wilderness? Alaska springs to mind almost immediately, are there others? Idaho? Wyoming? the Dakotas? Where does one start? The coasts are beautiful in so-many ways and yet.. they are now so-crowded and many (almost all?) embrace values that are anathema to more-traditionally minded folks. Our world is clearly changing, how does one proactively respond?

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