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Splitting some fine hairs there princess. I thought true christians didn't do that.

Not at all. As I said, some of my tax dollars are used to fund abortion. I do not support that, nor do I support the pro-abortion, anti-gun Democrats who succeeded in passing that tax legislation. I also think it would be great if you were flushed down the toilet as a late term abortion on a steaming dishonest pile of shit.

But I still think all of this is an attempt by you to frantically cover up the following facts. So I will again repeat my reply to John Roberts question about why Dave puts up with an ignorant piece of shit who contributes nothing but lies and Trolling.

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Why Dave continues to allow an atheistic, evil, sociopath like nca225 to constantly bombard this site with his white guilt driven, left wing loon lies is hard to understand. Sympathy for the Devil, I suppose...

The answer to this question is simple John...

Just ask yourself how many of the F.A.G.'s (Fake Ass Gentlemen) who continually whine and cry about things like decorum, civility, going off topic into politics, etc. ever complain to Dave about Sissy Chrissy nca225.

Can you think of any Threads that were initiated by BrentD, the Preacher, Argo44, Mustela Frenata, old colonel Gladys Kravitz, or any of the other whiners, that demanded that Sissy Chrissy nca225 be suspended or banned? Can you recall any one of these Fake Ass Gentlemen suggesting that nobody should contribute money to the upkeep of the DoubleGunShop forum until Dave does something to stop him/her?

Can you even think of any severe complaints from these individuals who are constantly moaning about name calling, personal attacks, off topic crap, etc., or claims that he/she is driving people away from this site??? Can you think of any sustained critical responses to Sissy Chrissy nca225 from any of these phonies who pretend to be so concerned about civility and following the precious rules of conduct??? Can you think of any response from any of them that was anything more than a little slap on the hand? Can you think of any time that any of the Fake Ass Gentlemen here has complained about Sissy Chrissy posting personal attacks and Trolling anonymously, and demanded that he/she reveal his/her identity???

The answer to those questions is a big fat "NO!"

Can you think of just one positive contribution that Sissy Chrissy nca225 has made here over the years? Can you think of any useful information about doubles, dogs, reloading, gunsmithing, stock finishing, rust bluing, preserving our gun rights, etc. that has been provided by this piece of crap?

The answer is another big fat "NO!"

Before any threads get locked or deleted, it typically takes people complaining to Dave. Before anyone gets suspended, it typically takes sustained complaints to Dave. The biggest whiners and complainers on this site are perfectly content to permit Sissy Chrissy nca225 to continue Trolling.

And that's why 2021 is likely to bring no changes. People like BrentD, and the other Fake Ass Gentlemen, agree with Sissy Chrissy nca225, and will continue to cry like babies about me or jOe. But they will remain silent, or support a useless Liberal Left piece of crap who trashes and Trolls this site, and who supports the anti-gunners who threaten our Constitutional Right to own and shoot firearms.

I'll bet that some of the whiners and complainers will cry to Dave about my response, because they do not like to see the truth remain in print. I will be very surprised if this does not get deleted.

Can I hear an "Amen"?

P.S.- Did you know that Sissy Chrissy nca225 actually gets coaching and support from behind the scenes from Members here? That will come out in the future.

A true sign of mental illness is any gun owner who would vote for an Anti-Gunner like Joe Biden.