I figured I was done. The freezer is packed, the truck has been washed, and most everything big has been put away. I still have some guns to clean and a final R&R on the minor tools of the trade but then...my almost 17-year old boy tells me he'd like to go deer hunting. I do have an unfulfilled tag and even a room reservation but...my freezer is quite happy. Really, if it was just me, I'd probably pass. But this is something of an event. He's hunted small game with me before, and has shot lots of the guns around here many times. He's fine with it all... but never really showed much enthusiasm for it. Other things were far-more engrossing for him, and I understand that. We're almost a century apart in the world we've grown-up in, 1960s rural Pennsylvania and 21st century urban Colorado are effectively different universes. Not sure what has triggered this (COVID lockdowns, no church, minimal school and social interactions, etc.) but I just spent the last 20-minutes demonstrating how the reloading process for a .308 shell works and then further explaining the technical differences between an 1886 Winchester and an AR-10. I'm thinking this is a "trainable moment" and I don't want to miss it.

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