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Put in a request to the seller to cancel my order. Visa charge is still pending. We'll see.

I didn't mind if it wasn't really oak underneath, but y'all scared me up talking about polyurethane "leather".

Thanks, SRH

Hope it works out for the best ,buying sight unseen is always a gamble.
I bought a tweed gunslip in the last sealed bids sale at Holts. Very thin material thin padding and no waterproofing. Fortunately it arrived torn and was returned for refund. This Summer I was in Gullane East of Edinburgh. There is a small shop there called The Black House. The lady who runs it is from Stornaway on Lewis. She travels home to pick up thick Harris tweed and then makes handbags by hand all of which are waterproof lined. She had around four or five side by side tweed gun slips she had made which are very good quality. They are not advertised on her website and she has no plans to make any more. The side by side models are suitable for long barrels and top opening only I bought one for my Parker reproduction and am very impressed with it . The over and under models ,she had about three, are side zipped but I didn’t really look at them closely The side by side seemed built for much longer barrels than my 28 inch repro. I can recommend them ,they are under the £200 mark and should sell for more, postage would be reasonable to the US. I am thinking of buying another.If House of Bruar were selling them they would be half again in price but as she makes them all herself volume production is not an option.

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