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The one at 110 pounds Sterling.

I've paid that much for a purse for my wife. blush


Not to put a damper on it but that doesn't state "oak" anywhere, just "wood" and the "leather" is PU, polyurethane.

It shows on the fastening straps and the handle.
Even the £999 case looks cheap ,it wouldn’t be my choice when there are so many quality leather cases going for less at auction.

I put the "oak and leather" in quotes for that very reason. I had no reason to believe it was oak. I was just trying, vainly I see, to distinguish it from a gun slip.

For $277 I'm willing to take a chance on the quality. I don't have fine English guns to house anyway ........... just old junker American made ones. My old beat up doubles would be quite proud to be lying in a plywood box covered with plastic.

Whether it's leather or not will be determined when it arrives. It still looks a sight better than some of the plastic hard cases they're in now.

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