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Alkanet or not to alkanet that is the question?

With apologies to those offended by corny puns, I believe you mean... "Alkanet or Alkanot?"

Of course, that question is a matter of opinion.

My opinion is two fold:
1. when one has chosen a century old gun with wood stocks, exposed hammers, and hand engraving e.g., over a modern cerakoted auto loader, he has already rejected the fundamental principles of technocentrism. It's ok to continue along the same path when making subsequent decisions about the gun as well. e.g. using paper shells with fiber wadding or carrying the gun in a wood and leather trunk. So it is with the finish.
2. It is undeniable that the coloring and "dull London finish" that one obtains with a traditional alkanet and slacum is different in feel and appearance than modern stains and poly based finishes, whether they are better or not in practical matters.

If it were my Parker (or Purdey), I would use the closest thing to the original as possible (or at least a 'period correct' finish), because that would increase my enjoyment of the gun.

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I like the look, but it may not be right for the Parker.

I'm curious why you came to this conclusion. Did Parker not use alkanet?