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Michael, what is so difficult about my last post that you mischaracterize what I said?

1) it's not free speech, it's speech allowed to whatever extent Dave allows

2) I am not afraid, nor am I threatened by left-wing BS

I will try to explain this as well as I can since you don't seem to get it. This is not a public forum, it's private, Dave can let in who he likes, and boot anyone he doesn't, you have no first amendment rights. You want a polite civil board, then people need to act politely and civilly, and that means no trolling.

If you were invited to the mixed-race wedding of a close relative, and one of the guests, a closet white supremacist, started running his mouth about how this whole marriage was wrong and an insult to humanity, would you find that very polite or civil? No, and neither would I. I would expect you would be helping that individual to the door. Or would you be defending his right to speak freely, and questioning why the wedding party is afraid of what he is saying?

So, here's the reality. That's no different than what is going on here. If some leftist wants to advance their political agenda (troll) on a gun board, someone is going to respond. Which will lead to a "discussion", someone is going to be in a bad mood, tensions will rise, and aggression will escalate, and here we are.

When the fight breaks out, insults are thrown and threats are being made, you can stand on a chair waving a handkerchief, and ask why we can't all be friends, but it's too late.

Politeness, courtesy and civility, yes, that means not insulting and threatening people. Treat someone you're arguing with like you would treat your grandmother. It's not hard to act civilized. But that also means, don't deliberately provoke people. Pushing anti-gun politics on a gun board is provoking people. If you don't want your arm broken, don't stick your finger in someone's eye.

I don't care if the fighting continues or ends, I can ignore what I don't like, but if you want to civility, the provocations that started this need to end. Courtesy. The folks on the left can show some courtesy by keeping their political opinions to themselves, and the folks on the right can extend that courtesy by disregarding their left wing political leanings and treat them like fellow Christians (if you're not Christian, no offense, sincerely, was intended). We need silence on both sides of this debate.


You believe I don’t get it. I discern you do not see the implication of the “safe space” you believe you should be entitled to. Explicit in your post is that liberals should not post their ideas here. Your reasoning is classic cancel culture. You do not see it that way, but that is how I read it.

Unfortunately unlike you there are some who appear to be afraid of left-wing BS. That is shown by vitriol generated.

We appear to agree it is useless to argue politics here, however you seem to think speaking the liberal view is bad manners that should be self-censored, did I misunderstand that?

While I believe the possibility of conversion is zero, I believe differences can be politely discussed.

While we appear to agree that violation of the board’s rules for postings is wrong, we do not seem agree on the nature of the site. I see it as allowing for more freedom than you. I am ok with that, the world would be dull if were zero differences. I can see why you think the way you do.

I doubt silence from both sides of the divide will occur under the current board rules. It would not kill me if Dave brought back misfires for the duration of the campaign season, or even requested we do as other boards avoid politics till After the election.

I believe it is possible for people on this board to get along if they choose to.

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