The transgender nca225 also commented on what he/she perceives as judicial activism by Conservative Judges. Yet we hear nothing from this idiot about judges like Elena Kagan, and Sondra Sotomoyer who swore respect for the 2nd Amendment during their Senate confirmation hearings, yet voted with the other Liberals in claiming that the 2nd Amendment does not guarantee an Individual Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

These sick Liberals claim there are no individual gun rights in a Constitutional amendment that explicitly denotes that RIGHT of THE PEOPLE, even though there is plain language and abundant evidence of the Framers Original Intent. Yet they somehow see a Constitutional right to kill innocent babies in the womb, where the word abortion is never even mentioned.

This Libtard vision problem is a little like Larry Clown pretending that there were no pandemic threat warnings by epidemiologists or the CDC until Donald Trump became President.

A true sign of mental illness is any gun owner who would vote for an Anti-Gunner like Joe Biden.