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Are you dismissing out of hand the idea of reparations for state sanctioned slavery based on race, because of the persistence of slavery achieved by criminal means?

I'd ask this idiotic transgender nca225 if he/she had given any thought to just where the money for slave reparations would come from. But that would require first having a brain.

Reparations would come from taxing the labor of hard working people who never owned any slaves. It would be transferred to people who never were slaves. It is a ludicrous idea advanced by mindless Libtards who make themselves feel superior by taking and spending other people's hard earned money.... which is in effect, a partial modern day form of slavery.

Advocates of reparations also never consider the fact that a majority of black African slaves were captured and sold into slavery by other black Africans.

This transgender idiot Nancy-boy nca225 is free to pay reparations to descendants of slaves out of his/her own money... But you will never ever see that happen.

A true sign of mental illness is any gun owner who would vote for an Anti-Gunner like Joe Biden.