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I'm not the biggest fan of knuckleheads ranting about reparations for something a hundred and fifty years in the past, when there are young kids today being forced into slavery and having an average life expectancy of under ten years once they're in the trade.

Notwithstanding the efficacy of reparations, as that would be a different discussion, I just want to make sure of your point here.

Are you dismissing out of hand the idea of reparations for state sanctioned slavery based on race, because of the persistence of slavery achieved by criminal means?

Reparations has a lot of issues with it, but perhaps you elaborate a bit on what one has to do with the other. Cause it kinda sounds like..."Why should I have to pay for what great granddad did when people are still doing it today..."

Apparently, confirmation bias is a really new thing and did not exist from 2008-2016 around here...