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I no longer fight the WBTS. My forefathers did and lost it. All things considered I find that alright because it resulted in the survival of the Union and the flag I swore allegiance to when I joined the Army, and still do.

But I submit that we should consider this. Slavery was an American sin, not only a Confederate one. The Dred Scott decision was from the US Supreme Court, not the Confederate Supreme Court. The Missouri compromise was enacted in Washington, not Richmond. Northern slavery was just as much a thing as southern slavery until it wasn't...Geo

Good thinking George. Often, the past is best left in the past. But I will say slavery was NOT an American sin. It has a history as old as human kind and has been rampant throughout history among all peoples.

And it is almost uniquely our shared ancestors from the British Isles who began the movement of the modern world to outlaw slavery. First by attempting to outlaw it throughout their Empire and additionally with moral suasion with allies and others throughout the developing Western world.

There is a false pretense among those who would bash America, both from within and without, that somehow slavery is an American issue. It is, but only in the sense that people today still blame others today for the behaviors of people 150 years ago.

I always get a kick out of Miller's and others efforts here to denigrate Lincoln. I don't claim to be an expert and Miller's claims may all be factual. IDK But what is always left unsaid...un-addressed.....is the issue of what to do about slavery. As an outsider it always looks to me like the only positive that came about was the end of slavery. The rest of it looks like the typical result of most wars....a shitty time was had by all. They may be necessary at times but in general they suck.

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