How many here know there were "TWO" 13th amendments. How many know that until after the war a black person could not own property in the state of ILLINOIS, Land of Lincoln. How many know that for the entire term Lincoln served as president the capitol in Washington DC was being worked on with "Slave Labor". How many know why the Union ships laying outside Charleston Harbor never entered the harbor to support the Union at the Battle of Fort Sumpter. 1 clue, t was not because they were Yellow-Bellied Yanke Cowards afraid of being fired on. How many now that Lincoln never Freed a Single Slave.

How many know that Lincoln's "Infamous" Gettysburg Address "That Government of the People, By the People & For the People Shall Not Perish From the Land" is one of the most Hypocritical speeches that was ever uttered between two teeth. Lincoln Single handed took the Government from the "People" & put it in the hands of the central government, The one thing our founding Fathers tried their best to prevent from ever occurring.

Upon Lincoln's shoulders rest the lives of between 600,000 & 800,000 American Lives. The Real name of this war should be Lincoln's War. He started it not the Confederacy. Yes, the CSA was an Independent Nation. People you have been LIED to for 165+ years all for the sake of trying to defend Lincoln's atrocities to uphold his Anti-Constitutional Actions.

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