And Lonesome Road - anybody who knows where is Musa Qala gets a pass in my book Yankee or not. Musa Qala is north of Lashkar Gah in Helmand Province, and controls three valleys entering the Hindu Kush from the south. The Brits basically allowed the Taliban to take it over in 2005. When I visited Lashkar Gah in Fall 2007 there was a plan by some outstanding Afghan officers to retake it. It is inhabited by Alizai Durranis, elements of 3 of the Alizai Khels the Hassanzai, Karzai and the Pirzai, which mutually hate each other.

(Oh wait, that's totally OT and part of the worst line ever posted on this bad).

Baluch are not Brahui, Brahui are Baluch