The South suffered poverty and denigration for 100 years after the WBTS. It alone of all of America lost a war, was occupied, had its towns destroyed, houses burnt out, refugees streaming roads being murdered, transportation routes destroyed. It clawed its way out of it. But "waving the bloody shirt" and hatred of its inhabitants continues to this day in many sectors.

But you can't change history and the WBTS is Southern History. It is our heritage. I do not agree with the politically correct that monuments to our ancestors be torn down, that Christopher Columbus was a mass murderer, that Jackson be taken off the currency because he was beastly to the Indians. Our history is our history and cannot be erased or purged communist style.

George McDonald Fraser, the creator of that glorious reprobate coward hero Flashman, wrote an essay on the dangerous spread of political correctness just before he died in 2008. It is worth a read in its entirety here - not long but apt.

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