George and Greybeard both have pretty well said it. I am a native born Texan and grew up in cotton country and have seen way more of the legacy of slavery than anyone would want to. I cherish my southern ties and my great grandfather on mother’s side was with the Alabama infantry. Dad’s side took the opposite view and his grandfather was a yankee cavalryman from Union City, Tennessee. But, truth be told, I am thrilled the north won! And yes, the north has a lot of slavery’s blood on its hands too.

I personally can’t stand any symbol of white supremacy in any form! And unfortunately the confederate battle flag flying in the back of a pickup carries that image to me. But to demolish our memorials of those soldiers from the south is a travesty of monumental proportions. Let’s honor the soldiers of both sides who together forged in blood the greatest nation the earth has ever seen!

If we feed our faith our fears will starve, if we feed our fears our faith will starve.