and the battle continues....

i was born in louisiana, and have lived most of my life in east texas (behind the "pine curtain"). certainly southern enough to be considered as an extension of the deep south. significant percentages of black population and racial animosity are clear and present markers.

although i have never felt any compulsion to participate, i have friends who are devoted members of the SCV, and one friend (from pennsylvania) who is a lifelong reenactor in the tradition of his birth place. he told me years ago that if an event fell short of the required number of rebs...he had enough supplies to change costumes and sub for the other side....i've never heard any of the SCV guys suggest that they would consider such a thing....

anyone who has honestly studied american history should be able to identify the fact that slavery was a thorn in our side from the earliest days. as geo notes it was in no way confined
to the "south". the politics that accompanied slavery effected
our history from pre-independence to well into the 20th century. and discord between rural and urban interests that played such an important part in that conflict have not vanished even today.

but, i will make this observation...from a fairly neutral position: every jacked-up one ton 4wd pick-up with a confederate battle flag decal is not a SCV member, every neo-nazi event with confederate battle flags displayed is not an SCV event, every white supremacist gathering where confederate battle flags are side-by-side with KKK and similar trappings of racial hatred...should set off some sort of warning in your minds.

strange bedfellows indeed...and like yer mama told're judged by the company you keep.

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