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Please explain to me the difference between the "Secessionists" of 1860 & those of 1776. The first ones are normally called Heros & the later one's Rebels & Treasonists, Both were doing the same thing, leaving an existing government & starting a new Independent country.
Currently Camp Commander of B F Cheatem Camp 72, TN Division, Starnes Brigade Sons of Confederate Veterans. One of my Great Grandfathers served in the 45th Infantry CSA & another in the Starnes/ McLemore 4th TN Volunteer Cavalry.
I Apologise to NO ONE for their service.

Allow me to disabuse you of your confusion on this. The Continental Congress banded together, raised an Army and a Navy, owned the moral high ground, persisted, secured powerful allies and won the war.

The Confederates attempted to split the nation, lost the moral high ground over slavery, failed to secure strong allies, whoafully underestimated their adversary and lost the war.

The only reason why they were not put to the sword was by the graciousness and generosity of their Northern betters.

However, I for one believe a conquered people should be reminded that they are conquered...Frequently and endlessly. Even 155 years after the fact if the conquered forget.

Treason has consequences.

Apparently, confirmation bias is a really new thing and did not exist from 2008-2016 around here...