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Not heard about this so will look into it.

Just a bit of history here. That half Polish, Italian born usurper to the throne got as far as the city of Derby but his spearhead got to the village of Swarkstone on the River Trent. His rag tag army was mainly made up of Highland Scots forced to fight by their feudal landlords. That and a load of French mercenaries. They were sent packing back to Scotland which later culminated in the battle of Culloden. In fact more Scots fought for Government Forces than for Charles Edward Stewart. Still some bad feeling between Highland and Lowland Scots who are known as Sasanachs. He was reputed to have been ushered from the battlefield to cries of 'Go on, run you cowardly Italian' as even his own forces didn't see him as Scottish. So then we had Germans on the throne instead! Isn't history wonderful! Lagopus…..

Sounds a bit like U.S. history. Except instead of Sasanachs we call them secessionists.

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