The destruction of the gun culture in Birmingham is simply a preview of what could happen here. Right here on this forum, there are several Liberal Left Democrats who staunchly support the extreme anti-gun Democrats that are constantly working to infringe upon the 2nd Amendment Rights of law abiding citizens.

For example, Larry Clown was here just last week attacking our pro-gun President Donald Trump. He accused Trump of not preparing and mobilizing for a 100 year pandemic. Of course Larry won't tell you that epidemiologists have been warning about something like this long before Trump entered politics. Libtards like him have a difficult time telling the truth. Larry claims he was an Intelligence Analyst for the CIA... yet he can't connect the dots to see that his favored Democrats are a constant threat to our Constitutional gun rights.

A true sign of mental illness is any gun owner who would vote for an Anti-Gunner like Joe Biden.