Hello all - I hope you are safe and healthy!

I have a Beretta 486 Parallelo 20g arriving on Friday. I've never actually layed hands on of these but have done quite a bit of research online and think this will fit my needs nicely. Although I have a few other SxS shotguns - I don't shoot any of them particularly well. Each of the 3 I own currently are modern Spanish sidelocks (2 Arietta's and an AyA) with double triggers and English stocks. While I definitely prefer the aesthetics of 2 triggers and a straight stock - my predominantly O/U shooting makes especially the straight stock hard to get used to. This new Beretta has a pistol grip and single trigger.
Just looking for opinions (good and bad) on this model. As mentioned, I've already got one headed my way so I can't change my mind now.
I'll post pics and my initial impressions when it arrives.