I favor the 12 guage BRNO while others favor the 16 for balance. Here is one of Ron Vella's posts:


You should keep in mind that shotgun actions are not ideal for building double rifles, even though many craftsman do this. Even a few are being made in UK. As a general rule the standing breech of a shotgun action is woefully to thin for building a double rifle, not the mention not reinforced enough in the standing breech to action body junctions--you need bolsters here.

Aaron Little in Texas in probably THE best authority on building double rifles from shotgun actions. See his website. Call him and talk to him, see his posts on this and other websites. Look at what Aaron has to say on the Accurate Reloading double rifle section website.

Start with making a DR in .45-70 and keep your pressure low. Use a virtual ballistic software such as QuickLoad to develop a proof test load and proof test it somewhat higher pressure than the English and European proof house--two times per barrel. If you want to keep from getting sued in a court of law, build only for yourself.

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