The Fox is one of the worse for this task, it is an excellent shotgun action design however.

One of the the best is the BRNO ZP 49 SLE built in the late 1950's or early 1960'S. These action are hardened modern high quality steel, with coil spring side locks, striker discs, hidden third fastners, and chopper lump barrels. Numerous people have used them for this task. Search for Ron Vella of Canada posts on building double rifles with these actions as he has built 2 or 3 using them.

Striker discs are a must and using the BRNO actions I make new striker discs from O-1 alloy steel, drill them for the small rifle size strikers (firing pins) then harden and temper.

Using shotgun size strikers is asking for trouble and gas blowback into your face and the butt stock.

Do not be tempted to bore the face of the action and install striker discs on a shotgun action that was not originally built with them. This is an unsafe practice, no matter who has written that they do it---it weakens the action.

Several of the German shotguns are also suitable, but they are hard to find with striker discs. Also one can find some very good Spanish made shotgun actions with striker discs and Greener cross bolts.

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