Good morning. I have a nice, cased Williams and Powell double rifle in 28 gauge pinfire. It will shoot an approx. .587" projectile. I do not know if it was made for a ball or conical bullet. The chamber fits a 28 gauge pinfire [smaller than a 28 gauge centerfire} paper shotgun shell perfectly if the case is slightly less than 2 1/2" long. The chamber is cut for a rimmed case. Other than that, I have no information on what cartridges should look like or how they should be loaded . I would date the gun around 1870. Twist is 1/36".

In a recent Holt's auction there were two cased double pinfire rifles, listed as 28 gauge. Neither contained any ammunition, so no hints from there as to the makeup of the 28 gauge pinfire rifle cartridge.

Does anyone have any information on this cartridge, or even a catalog cut from an early catalog of cartridges ? Thanks for any thoughts. Daryl

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