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Yes, Vihta Vuori. No, possibly not a true substitute for BP but they too have been in operation for quite some time and some of their old powders replicate(closely or loosely???) those powders used in the period when loads were converted from BP to semi-smokeless. Ford put me on a trail of VV N140 where Axel E had noted that VV N140 had a similar burn rate to R5(Rottweil) and the results were stellar.


So I think I would migrate from BP to 4198, whatever, & then over to VV. Seems one has to match the powder to the chamber?

if anybody knows about this, then it will be Axel.
From my limited experience, I see no point in trying VV 140. Sure, it may be around for a long time, but all those rifle powders have the same disadvantage: they have not enough bulk or volume to fill those old big BP cases.
"to match the powder to the chamber?" if that means "always work up a new load carefully" I will agree.