I'm almost ready for my first test run, I ended up ordering a ball mold of .775 dia, I cast some balls out of straight wheel weight lead for a start, hopefully they are soft enough to bump up,the ball goes though the right barrel with just a little push from a wooden dowel, the left barrel is not as tight. I have old never fired Kynoch thin wall brass that fits the chambers perfectly. There is a bit of an issue with a primer that will fit properly, I have settled on a small magnum pistol that fits snugly but is not deep enough for the pocket. When I dry fire them they push down into the pocket, I don't know if this will cause any problems.
The first test loads are 2 1/2 drams of 2F Goex black powder (all I can find where I live), 1 bottle cap shaped over powder card (harvested from a 8ga industrial shells), 2- 1/2 inch fiber wads, 1 of which is lubed, then a plain flat nitro card and a Ballistic Products plastic 10 ga gas seal for the ball to sit on then a little bit of COW to stabilize the ball ,then the whole thing is sealed with waterglass glue.
Any thought or comments?