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Hi All;
I was certain I had posted to this forum about my problems as soon as I was diagnosed, but perhaps I just Thought I had done so. At this point I have had two treatments with no problems so far. go for my third one tomorrow, so will not be on-line, will try & get out an up-date as soon as possible.

Thanks for all the good wishes &"Prayers", be it known they are appreciated. Thanks also for the knd words toward, they also are appreciated, makes me feel as if my time hear has been well spent.
I became a Christian back in 1955 & have tried my best to live as such ever since. Married a Christian lady in 1960 & together we have carried on the Christian life to this date. Come what may I feel prepared.

Miller, your time here has indeed been well spent. Godspeed and a quick return to good health . . . and the board.