Internet anonymity...In certain cases can cause rude, disrespectful and just plain bizarre behavior. Unfortunately; this can manifest as off color, rude, overtly aggressive or irrelevant posts on the board.

Periodically (way more than I'd like); I get complaints about the antics of certain users on the board. I can only assume that the digital world has some how compromised their ability to be considerate and respectful of other members.

Although I am typically in agreement concerning the complaints I do not wish to actively moderate the forum for various reasons.

So in lieu of my whacking a user I'd like to remind all of you about a very useful feature available to all registered users.

The feature is called "Ignore a User".

You can choose to ignore the posts of a particular user, if you wish. Posts from an ignored user will still be shown to preserve the flow of the conversation; however, the body of the ignored user’s posts will be set to “You are ignoring this user”. To ignore a user, click his/her username to go to the profile and click “ignore this user”.

Thank you all for your participation and your patience with these individuals.[u][/u]
Dave Weber
DoubleGun Evangelist
In Charge But Not Responsible