Why is it that every imported culture must be kept whole and sacred but that of the host country must confirm to enlightened modern standards? For example Fox hunting is cruel and must be stopped but immigrants are barely expected to learn the host countries language. Now driven bird hunting may be lost as well.

Driven shooting may be lost without thought to the real consequence to bird population of both the hunted and non hunted birds. Left to their own devices and without careful management bird population will not remain at current levels but will almost certainly crash to a fraction of their current levels. Haven't we seen enough decline in bird numbers already? Ban hunting and careful management of land and 99.99% of the birds will be lost. Then when depleted numbers are stressed by drought of other natural stress their complete demise is just one major calamity from extinction. And if prey birds are lost so will all those birds of prey who kill and eat them when given half a chance. Foxes, hawks and other birds of prey will decline as well. Typical fix one problem and cause five others that short sighted experts often create with narrow agendas and feel good solutions.